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"tell your story & tell it well"

I was once told that a really great photograph always tells a story. It brings you to a memory, a feeling, or a belief. Every time I aim my lens I try and stay true to this idea. I’m a 24 year old photographer from Toronto, Canada. I specialize in travel, portrait, wildlife, and concert photography and have roughly 6 years of experience shooting.

I’m heavily passionate about climate change and environmental sustainability. I remember one time when I was ten years old, I cried because my mom left the car idling while she ran into the grocery store instead of turning it off . . . True fact.

Recently, I’ve collaborated with Environmental Defence to make 5% of every print purchased from my 2019 Wildlife Series go towards fighting climate change and reducing plastic pollution. They are the most important and pressing issues of our time.

Having worked for models, brands, and musicians my favourite feeling in the world is when clients receive their images and have their expectations totally blown away. If you’re interested in having me photograph your project or event, ordering a print, or getting to know me, feel free to contact me!

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  • “Photo of the Year” Award Winner from Unsplash (2017)

  • 30,000,000+ photo views reached by June 2019

  • Top 25: Most Downloaded Photo on Unsplash (2018)

  • 250,000+ photo downloads

  • 5,000 online features

“Photo of the Year” Award Winner from Unsplash 2017

Photograph purchased for license on cover of "Gor Beni" by Turkish author Azra Kohen (250,000 copies sold)

Most Downloaded Image on Unsplash (Summer 2018)